Simplify Your Procurement Process

By Automating Purchase to Vendor Payments

Raptech automates Purchase-to-Pay process and offers a seamless and efficient procurement process, from purchase order creation to invoice payment.

Automate Your Purchase-to-Pay Process with Raptech

Raptech’s Purchase-to-Pay process automation simplifies the procurement process from start to finish. The module streamlines the process of getting quotes, selecting the best quote, managing purchase requisitions and orders, receiving goods and services, matching purchase invoices, and managing accounts payables. With real-time visibility into your procurement pipeline, you can identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions to improve the procurement process.


Overcoming Business Challenges with
Raptech's Purchase-to-Pay Process Automation

Manual Procurement Processes

Traditional procurement processes involve a lot of manual work, including paper-based approvals, manual data entry, and tracking down paper invoices.

Poor Spend Visibility and Control

Without a centralized procurement system, businesses often struggle to keep track of purchase requisitions, orders, and invoices. This can lead to overspending and missed discounts.

Limited Supplier Collaboration

The procurement process often involves input from multiple teams and suppliers, but without a streamlined system for collaboration, businesses may experience delays and errors.

Inefficient Accounts Payable Processes

The accounts payable process can be time-consuming and error-prone, particularly when invoices and payments are managed manually.

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Benefits of Automating
Purchase-to-Pay Process with Raptech

Improved Procurement Efficiency

By automating procurement processes such as purchase requisitions, orders, and invoicing, the Purchase-to-Pay module simplifies the procurement process and reduces manual errors.

Better Collaboration

The module provides a centralized platform for communication and collaboration among different departments involved in the procurement process, leading to more efficient procurement.

Increased Cost Savings

By enabling better tracking of purchase orders and invoices, the module helps businesses to identify cost-saving opportunities, such as negotiating better prices with suppliers.

Streamlined Accounts Payable Process

The module simplifies the accounts payable process by enabling businesses to match purchase orders and invoices, ensuring accuracy and reducing processing time.

Purchase-to-Pay Processes Automated by Raptech

Supplier Data



Streamline Your Supplier Management with Raptech's Suppliers Module

Raptech's Suppliers module offers businesses a comprehensive solution for managing supplier information and streamlining the procurement process. With the ability to store and access important supplier details such as registration information, contact information, bank details, and payment terms, businesses can efficiently manage their supplier relationships. The module also provides suppliers with access to purchase orders and the ability to update their stock information, improving collaboration and communication between businesses and their suppliers.

In addition to these features, the Suppliers module also offers advanced tools like Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) and the ability to update stock information, enabling businesses to streamline their procurement processes and stay on top of their supply chain. By automating supplier management, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and improve the overall efficiency of their procurement process.

Manage Sourcing

Efficiently Manage Your Procurement with Raptech's Sourcing Module

Raptech's sourcing module is designed to help businesses efficiently manage their procurement needs. The module enables businesses to create RFQ (Request for Quote) events with customizable forms and questionnaires, which can be sent directly to suppliers. With features such as sealed and normal events, businesses can choose the best option and compare supplier responses to select the best value for their procurement needs.

The module also allows businesses to re-negotiate pricing and ensure that they are getting the best value for their procurement needs. This streamlined procurement process helps businesses to reduce costs and improve supplier relationships, while also providing valuable insights for procurement performance and analysis.

With Raptech's sourcing module, businesses can easily manage their procurement processes, enhance their supplier relationships, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Manage Contracts

Streamline Your Contract Management Process with Raptech

The Raptech Contract Management module offers businesses a comprehensive solution for managing their supplier contracts with ease. With a centralized platform to store and organize related documents, businesses can easily track contracts with obligations, issues, deliverables, interpretations, and actions.

The module automates many of the manual tasks associated with contract management, such as data entry and document tracking, reducing errors and improving accuracy. Businesses can also benefit from real-time visibility into contract status and performance, allowing them to identify and address issues quickly.

With the Raptech Contract Management module, businesses can streamline their contract management process, enhance supplier relationships, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Manage Purchase Orders

Efficiently manage your procurement with Raptech's Purchase Order module

Raptech's Purchase Order module provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their procurement process. The module allows businesses to create and track purchase requisitions, generate orders for products, services, and job orders, and streamline their procurement process. With conditional-based approval and inventory check features, businesses can ensure that their procurement processes are optimized, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.

The module also includes support for supplier ASN and purchase indent pending, allowing businesses to track the status of their orders and ensure timely delivery. Additionally, businesses can use the module to gain insights into their procurement performance through real-time tracking of purchase orders and status updates.

With Raptech's Purchase Order module, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and control over their procurement processes. The module provides a comprehensive solution for managing the procurement process, from creating purchase requisitions to generating orders and tracking the status of orders.

Manage Incoming Inventory

Optimize Your Warehouse with Raptech's Inventory Inbound Management Module

Raptech's Inventory Inbound module is designed to help businesses efficiently manage their inventory and streamline warehouse operations. With features like Goods Receipt Notes (GRN) and Supplier Delivery Notes (SDN), businesses can easily track and receive stock into their warehouses. The module also includes a put away process and stock inspection functionality, ensuring that products are stored in the correct location and meet quality standards.

The Inventory Inbound module provides businesses with real-time visibility into stock-on-hand, including serial and batch items. The module also offers support for physical quantity adjustment, allowing businesses to easily update stock levels as needed. Additionally, the module offers multiple warehouse management, location tracking, and automated reorder stock functionality, ensuring that businesses can optimize their warehouse operations and improve inventory management.

With Raptech's Inventory Inbound module, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in their warehouse operations, reducing errors and improving inventory management. By streamlining inbound inventory processes, businesses can save time and resources, and focus on growing their business.

Purchase Invoice Matching

Efficiently manage invoices with Raptech's Purchase Invoice module

Raptech's Purchase Invoice module simplifies the accounts payable process by enabling businesses to match their purchase invoices with their orders. With 2-way matching of purchase invoices, businesses can ensure the quantity and price of the items ordered match those on the invoice before paying. The module also allows for the creation of direct purchase invoices, enabling businesses to quickly and easily process invoices for one-time purchases.

In addition to streamlining the invoice management process, Raptech's Purchase Invoice module provides businesses with real-time visibility into their invoice status and payment schedules, allowing for better cash flow management. With the ability to track invoices and payments, businesses can stay on top of their accounts payable and ensure that they are paying their vendors accurately and on time.

Automat Accounts Payables

Automate Your Payment Processes with Raptech's Accounts Payable Module

Raptech's Accounts Payable module provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their payment processes. With features like tracking outstanding payments, managing advance payments, and handling A/P credit notes, businesses can automate many of the manual tasks associated with managing accounts payable.

The module allows for payment approvals and bulk payments, enabling businesses to efficiently manage large volumes of payments. With real-time visibility into payment status, businesses can easily track the progress of payments and ensure timely payments to vendors and suppliers.

With Raptech's Accounts Payable module, businesses can improve payment processing, streamline operations, and ensure timely payment management, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on other areas of their business.

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