Raptech Automation for Manufacturing

Transform Your Manufacturing Operations with Advanced Technology

Raptech provides a comprehensive platform to automate your manufacturing process from start to finish. Our user-friendly interface allows for easy collaboration between teams and real-time visibility into your operations.

How Can Raptech Automate Your Manufacturing Operations?​

Efficient Costing and Quotation

With Raptech, you can create accurate and customizable quotes, proposals, and contracts, providing a streamlined process for closing deals and increasing revenue.

Improved Production Planning and Scheduling

Raptech's production forecasting and scheduling capabilities enable you to optimize you production processes resulting in reduced lead times and improved quality.

Streamlined Purchase and Inventory Management

Raptech enable you to automate you procurement processes, optimize inventory levels, and reduce carrying costs, all while ensuring timely delivery to customers.

Centralized Financial Management

Raptech allows you to manage your financial operations in a centralized platform, improving accuracy while providing better visibility into your financial health.

Addressing Manufacturing Challenges with
Raptech's Automation

Inefficient Production Planning and Scheduling

Raptech helps you manage your production schedule by providing real-time visibility into your man/machine/resource availability.

Ineffective Material Planning and Inventory Management

Raptech's material planning and inventory management features allow you to plan your materials and manage inventory effectively.

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Lack of Accurate Cost Tracking

With Raptech's tracking of raw materials to finished goods, you can accurately calculate the cost of goods sold.

Limited Visibility into Production Processes

Raptech provides you with real-time reporting on your entire production process from start to end to improve overall efficiency.

Manufacturing Processes Automated by Raptech

Lead Management

In your manufacturing business, lead management is a crucial aspect of sales as it enables you to identify potential customers and convert them into actual customers. With Raptech’s lead management module, you can automate your lead management process and efficiently manage your leads. The module enables you to track leads from various sources, such as website forms, social media, and more, and enables your sales team to efficiently follow up on those leads. This leads to improved lead conversion rates and increased revenue for your manufacturing business.

Deal Management

Once a lead has been converted into an actual customer, it is important for your manufacturing business to manage the sales process efficiently to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Raptech’s deal management module enables you to automate your deal management process and track the progress of deals through various stages. With the ability to create custom deal stages, manage discounts and approvals, and more, you can streamline your deal management process and improve your sales efficiency. Ultimately, this leads to increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction for your manufacturing business.


In your manufacturing business, accurately calculating the cost of production is crucial for pricing your products competitively and ensuring profitability. With Raptech’s costing module, you can streamline your costing process by easily tracking material and labor costs associated with your production orders. The module enables you to calculate the cost of each production order accurately and efficiently, ultimately helping you to price your products competitively and increase profitability.


Once you have determined the cost of production, generating and managing quotations becomes the next critical step in your manufacturing business. With Raptech’s quotation module, you can easily convert your production costs into a quote and get it approved by the customer. The module allows you to track revisions and the status of each quotation, providing real-time visibility into your sales pipeline. With this feature, your sales team can easily manage and track quotations, ensuring prompt follow-up with customers and increasing your chances of winning deals.

Sales Order Management

In your manufacturing company, efficient sales order management is essential for ensuring timely delivery of products to customers. With Raptech’s sales order management module, you can streamline your sales order process and efficiently manage your orders. The module enables you to convert quotes into orders and track the status of each order. Additionally, you can manage master orders, which can help you manage your orders more efficiently and reduce errors.

With Raptech’s sales order management module, you can improve your order processing efficiency and reduce the risk of errors or delays in delivering products to your customers. This can help you enhance customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships with your customers.

Production Order Management

Your manufacturing company can benefit from Raptech’s Production Order Management module, which provides a comprehensive solution for managing the production process. With the ability to create a bill of materials (BOM) containing raw materials required for finished goods, including bought-out items, businesses can streamline their production planning process. The BOM can be easily modified, with the ability to create sub-assemblies within the BOM.

The module allows businesses to create production orders based on sales orders, with support for both serial stage and parallel stage processes. This enables manufacturing companies to manage the production process efficiently and track the progress of each stage. Additionally, the module allows businesses to reserve stock for each production order, ensuring that there is enough inventory to complete the order. By streamlining the production process, businesses can improve their efficiency and reduce errors, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

Production Forecasting

In your manufacturing company, production forecasting is a critical component for planning and managing production activities. Raptech’s Production Forecasting module allows your manufacturing business to efficiently forecast your production requirements based on specific items and a defined period. By utilizing this module, you can accurately predict material requirements and plan production schedules accordingly. With the ability to optimize your production processes, reduce waste, and improve efficiency, Raptech’s Production Forecasting module is an essential tool for any manufacturing business looking to streamline their operations.

Material Requirement Planning

Effective material requirement planning is essential for ensuring that your manufacturing company has the necessary raw materials and supplies to meet production demand. With Raptech’s material requirement planning module, you can generate material requirement plans based on production forecasts, existing inventory levels, and lead times for ordering materials. This enables you to optimize your inventory levels, reduce stockouts, and ensure that you have the right materials available at the right time for production.

Production Routing and Scheduling

In your manufacturing company, ensuring efficient routing and scheduling of production stages is essential for optimizing your production processes. With Raptech’s Production Routing and Scheduling module, you can easily route to multiple stages in series or parallel, allocate planned hours to each stage, and select machines and resources for each stage. You can also specify start and end dates for each production stage, allowing for efficient scheduling of production activities. This module provides real-time visibility into production routing and scheduling, enabling you to optimize your production processes, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

Production Stage Execution

In your manufacturing company, efficient execution and management of production stages is crucial for maintaining high-quality standards and meeting customer expectations. With Raptech’s Production Stage Execution module, you can assign tasks to stage owners, track raw materials consumption, and update wastage, actual start and end dates, and actual hours taken for each production stage. This module also allows for the creation of different lot number sequences, rejection details, and serial numbers while updating expiry dates if any. By providing real-time visibility into production stage execution, you can quickly identify and address issues, improve quality, and ensure timely delivery of products to customers.

Quality/Inspection Process

Raptech’s Quality Control and Inspection module provides your manufacturing business with a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage your quality control and inspection processes. The module enables you to define inspection parameters for each finished or semi-finished item, including expected minimum, maximum, or standard values. During the inspection process, you can record the observed values and attach the inspection report for future reference and auditing purposes. The module allows you to track inspections for all items in a lot or sample items, ensuring consistent quality across all production batches. By streamlining the quality control and inspection process, you can ensure that your products meet the highest quality standards and improve customer satisfaction.

Purchase Order Management

Raptech’s Purchase Order Management module provides a comprehensive solution for managing purchase orders efficiently. With features such as purchase requisition and approval, supplier ASN, and the ability to create POs against pending indent requests, your manufacturing company can streamline its procurement process and reduce errors.

The module enables your manufacturing company to generate purchase orders for suppliers, track the status of each order, and manage delivery schedules. Additionally, the module allows your company to receive goods against purchase orders and track the received quantities and dates, ensuring timely delivery of goods. With Raptech’s Purchase Order Management module, your manufacturing company can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and control over its procurement processes, ultimately leading to better cost management and improved supplier relationships.

Inventory Management

Raptech’s Inventory Management module provides your manufacturing business with a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage your inventory. The module enables you to easily track your inventory with features such as Goods Received Notes (GRN), Sales Delivery Notes (SDN), stock inspections, barcode printing, stock on hand, material requests and deliveries, and warehouse to warehouse transfers. By streamlining the inventory management process, your manufacturing business can save time and reduce errors.

With real-time visibility into inventory levels, your business can optimize stock levels, reduce wastage, and improve overall efficiency. Additionally, the module allows your business to generate reports on stock levels, transactions, and more, providing valuable insights into your inventory management processes. By automating your inventory management with Raptech’s Inventory Management module, you can improve inventory accuracy, reduce stockouts, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Accounts Receivable Automation

Raptech’s Accounts Receivable Automation module provides your manufacturing business with an efficient solution for managing your receivables. With features such as invoicing against deliveries and orders, tracking advance receivables and outstanding receivables, and real-time visibility into payment statuses, the module streamlines your receivables management process. Additionally, the module allows you to capture payment modes and capture statuses during receipt, enabling you to have greater control and insight into your cash flow.

Accounts Payable Automation

Raptech’s Accounts Payable Automation module provides your manufacturing business with an efficient solution for managing your payables. With features such as purchase invoice matching, outstanding and advance payables, and payable approval flow, the module streamlines your payables management process. The module enables you to track the status of your payables, send outstanding payables for approvals, and initiate bulk payment processing once approved, ultimately leading to improved cash flow management for your manufacturing business.

Expense Management

As a manufacturing business, managing expenses and bills is a critical aspect of financial management. With Raptech’s expense and bill management module, businesses can efficiently manage their expenses and bills. The module offers features such as creating and managing expenses, categorizing expenses, and attaching reference bills. Additionally, the module provides support for bill creation and management, enabling businesses to manage and track bills for their vendors and suppliers.

The expense and bill tracking process is streamlined with real-time visibility into expenses and bills. This allows businesses to monitor expenses and bills, identify potential issues, and take corrective action. The module also supports expense and bill approval workflows, establishing approval processes to ensure expenses and bills are reviewed and approved before payment. By automating and streamlining the expense and bill management process, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Managing Journals

Raptech’s Accounting Journals module offers businesses a comprehensive solution for managing accounting transactions. With the ability to create and manage various types of journal entries, such as general ledger entries, accounts receivable and payable entries, and more, your manufacturing business can streamline its accounting processes and reduce errors. The module also provides real-time visibility into financial transactions, allowing your business to easily track its financials and gain insights into its financial performance. Additionally, the module supports a range of financial reporting options, making it easy for your business to generate custom financial reports that meet its specific needs.

Managing General Ledger

Raptech’s General Ledger module provides your manufacturing business with a robust platform to manage its financial accounts efficiently. With support for multiple currencies and easy customization of chart of accounts, including creating and managing account groups and subgroups, your business can track its financials with ease. The module enables your business to generate financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, providing real-time visibility into its financials. Furthermore, the General Ledger module allows your business to track its international operations and manage its financials in multiple currencies. With this feature, your business can streamline its financial management and make informed decisions to improve its financial performance. By leveraging Raptech’s General Ledger module, your manufacturing business can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and control over its accounting processes, ultimately leading to better financial management and decision-making.

Reports & Analytics

In your manufacturing business, Raptech’s reporting and analytics module can help you generate real-time reports for all your business functions. The module offers a range of standard reports for sales, purchase, inventory, production, and accounting and finance. These reports come in different formats like lists, dashboards, and pivots, and can be easily exported to formats like PDF, Excel, or CSV. Moreover, the module offers customization options, allowing you to tailor your reports to meet your specific requirements.

With Raptech’s reporting and analytics module, you can gain real-time visibility into your manufacturing operations, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions based on actionable insights. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenue for your business. By providing comprehensive reporting options, Raptech enables your manufacturing business to optimize your business processes and make data-driven decisions for long-term success.

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