ALL-IN-ONE Business Spend and Revenue Management Platform

Raptech Offers full stack of solutions to manage your buying, selling and back-office process.

A modular solution and a unified digital platform that integrates all your functional departments and empowers you to maximise revenue and minimise spend.


Spend smart and save smart with Raptech’s Buy-side solutions.

Provides a single source of business intelligence that enables you to get competitive quote from vendors, place orders, track goods received and manage payments.


Accelerate your business with Raptech’s Sell-side solutions.

Drives revenue growth of your business by enabling you to record leads, send quotations, track order to delivery and followup on receivables until cash is realised in the bank.


Get actionable insights with Raptech’s back-office solutions.

Facilitates you with innovative platform where you can record accounting and financial transactions to get real time actionable insights into the business.

Why Choose Us?

Features of Raptech


Designed for end users

Pre- Integrated applications that gives End users in all functional departments ease of use and flexibility that they need to be successful.


Built-in Compliance

By getting all functional departments into a single platform, management can drive policy compliance using configurable workflows.


Simplified Implementation

Combination of Configurable product features and subject matter expertise speeds up the implementation cycles and adopt to changing business requirements.


Spend Analysis

Gives visibility into your spend to determine what is being spent, with whom, and for what purpose. Functionally rich, scalable, ...

Supplier Management

Provides a complete view of your suppliers and their products. It provides quick and reliable management of your suppliers, and ...


Create RFQ events with just few clicks, reduce manual work and eliminate processing errors to select right vendor and competitive ...

Contract Management

Provides easy interface to create and store contracts. You can find any contract related information anytime and anywhere. Helps you ...

Catalog Management

Offers end to end content life cycle management from catalog creation to publication with dynamic catalogs, customised deployment and workflows.


Provides collaborative portal for purchasers to find the right goods and services. Helps to save valuable employee time by automating ...

Inventory Management

We provide a structured system that automates the GRN and stock management process. Reduce your wastage by eliminating extra stock ...

Invoice Management

Automates manual work, eliminate paper, with efficient, accurate and timely invoice management system software.

Payable Management

We help you to release the strategic value of accounts payable. Get early payments discounts and also reduce high operating ...


Lead Management

Provides a simplified process to acquire and manage leads. Enable reps to track leads until it’s closed.

Quotation Management

Easy to create, send and maintain price proposals to defined customers. This organised system manages all quotes and records it ...

Order Management

Offers efficient way of managing incoming sales orders and track the deliver against each sale order.

Production Management

Provides comprehensive features for managing production orders, tracking flow of the production process until order is delivered.

Project Management

Projects can be easily managed by defining the tasks, resources and timelines. Enables to monitor projects based performances.

Billing Management

Simplified invoicing and billing process. Configurable alerts reduces manual effort to track invoice thru payments.

Receivable Management

Robust receivable process ensures customers pay the invoices and reduces the total balance outstanding.



Reduces manual errors and automates matching process of orders, sales and accounting.

Expenses Management

Ensures easy submission of expenses and claims from employees, reduces leakages and pay on time.


Now create, share and collaborate on projects in one place which will help you to move forward with your projects ...


We provide opportunities for great efficiency and continuously improve while reducing the cost to serve using data and intelligence to ...


Raptech provides best in class solutions to help you grow!