Expense Management - Raptech

Know exactly where you spend money with the organized platform.

Innovative and ideal solution for managing your business expenses.

Raptech empowers your business accounting team to streamline process with efficient and compliance management tool. A perfect software for modern businesses. Now Raptech eliminates manual efforts and make sure that your employees spend time adding value without doing their expenses.

Simplified Expense Management Software


All of your spending across the business organized in such a way which will reduce spend leakages and reveal real savings.


 The cloud based software is specially designed to cut-off manual efforts with user friendly experience.


Raptech helps accounting  teams be more fast by providing actionable data to optimize policies and changing your spend culture.

Hassle free and high performance expense software

One platform solution for all your expense management

Now you can get a complete visibility of your company’s spend. Allows you to view all of your pre and post approved spends in the same platform which will enable you to gain savings across all expenses also reduce spend leakage.


Improve expense management with automation

A perfectly designed expense management software which helps your business to administrate spending policies. Easily capture receipts and process claims. Also helps you to take intelligent business decision on time.


Track the expense data securely

Raptech dashboard provides you reports based in expense category, policies and more. iPact empowers businesses to gain complete visibility and control over all expenses.



Raptech provides best in class solutions to help you grow!