Simplified Purchase Quote Management is efficient and effective.

Your enterprise can create, receive and manage quotes effectively.

Running a successful quote management for procurement is not a simple task. When request for quote (RFQ) and segregating level 1 and more all need to happen seamlessly, you need a powerful purchase quote management software to bring all these functions together in one place.

Manage your RFQ’s smartly

Application converts the RFQs into comparable platform. Now you can interact and respond from anywhere and anytime. A single click can change your RFQs to

Application delivers a full spectrum of Purchase Quote Management through a strong RFQ and levelling from creation to final execution that work seamlessly together

You can create, receive and manage proposal and quotes for whatever business needs now and add other functionalities as those needs grow.

Proactive and connected procurement begins here

Smart software

Manage quotes through guided process at every stage of the quote management so you can stay focus and moving procurement deals forward

Foster relationship with suppliers

Connect with right suppliers and receive quotes online. You suppliers can easily review and respond to your RFQs enables more quotes and build relationship with them.

Boost savings

With seamless and hassle-free RFQ submission process you can invite more suppliers which indirectly helps you get the best deals. It’s an easy to use evaluation process to speed up and save your procurement process.


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