Inventory Management

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a leading Inventory Management Software

The Inventory Management software is solid and implemented through industry expertise. You can now increase visibility of available inventory and reduce wastage of stocks. You can set automatic re-order points with our software. Now stay on top of all stock movements of your business.

Inventory Management helps you to become productive

Spend smartly by improving your inventory management. Applicaiton provides world class inventory management software which has real-time visibility of your inventory.

Stay competitive and profitable by using the intelligent purchasing decisions. With our Inventory Management your entire supplier purchasing data will be tracked and recorded.


The Inventory Management software cloud-based platform with a strong audit control of the inventory through which you can avoid stockouts and maintain inventory levels.


Inventory Management software for smart businesses

Keep a pulse on stock

Solution tracks every single item or batch of items with the tracking feature. Through which you can have the best control on your inventory and its expiry.

Intelligent guidance

Provides strong guidance on eliminating overbuying and excess stock build-up. With custom configurable re-order points, you can control repurchases of good and save overall cost.

Shorten and ramp-up time

This automated inventory management software creates GRN after placing purchase order and also flips GRN to purchase order. You can streamline and synchronise entire stock level of your company at a single screen with our Inventory Management software.


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