Catalog Management

End to End content life cycle management

Create rich, relevant, accurate and comprehensive catalogs, quickly and easily.

The manual process of using spreadsheets to manage and share product data is massive, unmanageable and leads to poor, inconsistent, and incomplete item data. Companies have product descriptions that are ambiguous, incomplete, inconsistent, or inaccurate and our catalog management solution addresses each one of these issues while decreasing the product’s time-to-market.

Catalog creation to publication with dynamic catalogs management applicaiton

Provides an easier and efficient way of extracting or uploading catalogs, approval management and catalog integrations.

Allows to manage the catalog template and attribute standards at the organisation level, or at the business unit level.

Configurable workflows allow you to route the supplier catalogs for approval to respective commodity managers.

Excellent solutions to create rich, relevant, accurate and comprehensive catalogs, quickly and easily.

Catalog Uploads and Refreshes

Catalog management uploads initial catalogs, refreshes subsequent catalogs, validates products and their prices with various validation rules, then monitors, approves and easily tracks any product changes.

Catalog Validation

Solutions allows to easily configure the attribute validation and integrity checks against the unit of measure, abbreviations, commodity codes or any other data standards applied.

Catalog Approval

Solution integrates the catalogs with contract information allowing you to easily find the supplier contract while approving catalogs. Alerts can be configured for notifying contract expirations.


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