Production Management


Flexible and versatile software in order to accommodate the needs of manufacturing companies.

Software offers easy-to-use production management capabilities and helps in planning, organising, directing and controlling of production activities in order to convert raw materials into finished goods or products.

Planning and scheduling made easy

Manage supply and demand in real time with material requirements planning (MRP) feature which sync’s with customer orders.

Reduces quality problems and improves cost control, while meeting designed for manufacturability and sustainability standards..

Uniquely understands the complex material requirements planning and scheduling needs of enterprises.

Streamline and automate your entire production process

Material Requirement Planning

Plan materials required to full fill the production order, solution allows to pick up the inventory based on MRP and complete the production order based on MRP.

Production Management

Solution allows to capture the raw material usage, wastage and end products produced based on MRP or the production order.

Bill of Materials

Bill of materials can be created based on the order which can be linked to standard items. BOM can be linked to MRP or production orders.


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