Quotation Management


This software manages and organizes all your price proposals in a systematic way.

Cloud based Sales Quote Management software has the functions to create, maintain and send proposals to group of customers. You can always refer the well-maintained records in the future. With the help of Sales Quote Management software your sales department can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Exclusively designed sales quote management software

With our Sales Quote Management information is in one place so it’s easy to prioritise and make quick decision. Consistent pricing, discounting and right mic of components you can generate quotes for customers.

Monitor quotes, cost and margins, and performance by our solution and ensure consistency and maximize profit. Rest easy knowing exactly when and how often your customers open your quotations and follow-up emails.

Reduce the time and lower the error margins by standard and structured templates for sales quotes. Automate your CPQ (configure, price and quote) and sales process with our lightning fast software.

makes it easy to work anywhere

Fast and accurate

We help you to generate accurate and quick quotes, build better deals and increase revenue.  As sales quotes are generated leads and forecasts are updated automatically, this gives you visibility which quotes need follow-up and which have expired.


Forecast sales

It helps to improve your sales forecasting by projecting when a customer will place an order and how it will affect your financials, allowing you to prepare your production processes accordingly.

Streamline sales process

With our guided selling, product and price selection your sales team can streamline to minimize time and errors. With customization options you can apply business rules and logic to meat the need of the customers and your business.



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