Lead Management


Generate and nurture leads, track their activities and behaviour to qualify.

Cloud based lead management software enables sales team to capture leads, track activities and behaviour, qualify them, nurture until the end process of closing the deal.

Increase sales team efficiency by guiding them in right direction.

Solutions allows to eliminate lead leakage by capturing leads from both online and offline channels.

Provides easy to use solution for qualifying and prioritising leads based on the profile and behaviour.

Helps to reduce response time by tracking status, creating followup tasks and interactions of the sales people.

Lead box is a condensed way of managing leads generated across channels.

Lead capture

Automation ensures that each lead is fed into the system directly or integration with online channels, preventing lead leakage of any sort.


Lead tracking

No matter where the lead is generated, it’s easy to manage in one single view, It offers multi channel communication with customers.

Lead Analytics

Lead dashboard displays intuitive analytics to business owners to understand pipeline and take decisions faster.



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