Why Raptech - Raptech

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

Born into the cloud era Raptech is seamless scalable apposition modules which can be selected based on the current needs and easily addable modules as you grow.

We value your growth before us. keeping an eye and ear for changes in industry requirements and feedback we are here to improve the product experience, get better ROI for you. Being cloud first all standard upgrades are free. Over the years we have expanded our offering and values to grow together with many customers.


Welcome onboard

We understand businesses invest significant amounts of time and money in moving into new software solution and training staff to take advantage of new solution. Our specialist will onboard existing data and employees with a strong process undemanding so you can leap and start the utilization of solution from day one onwards


Around you

In the journey we are always around you to upgrade the solution as legal, regularity, process and technology changes are occurring across



you are never alone, our customer success managers, procurement and spend specialists, Technology & solution architects are always there for your success ride. reach us over a call or chat or visit our office for a pep talk over a coffee.

The Raptech Way…


1. Save Time

An integrated solution of Raptech with analytics and inventory management helps you to reduce the time from planning to procurement and payables.

2. Efficiency

Build right connections, send/ receive, RFPs, RFQs,
invoices and payables


3. Sharing

With proper flow of information among applications, people and processes improve transparency and sharing

4. Born Cloud

Being a growth driven business we assure you the high availability of solutions over the colud


5. Ease

Raptech Purchase-to-pay, Quote-to-cash and Record-to-report was designed with a single focus in consideration- making ease of access with intuitive interface.